Next-generation materials

Next-generation materials include super-light materials and active materials that react to changes in their environment and ultimately smart materials that explain how they are doing. Auxetic materials: When stretched, auxetic materials become thicker perpendicular to the applied force. This occurs due to their hinge-like structures, which flex when stretched. Auxetics may be useful in applications such as body armour, packing material, knee and elbow pads, robust shock absorbing material, and sponge mops. Thermo-bimetals: Thermally activated bimetals would allow for panes of glass capable of becoming shades when exposed to the sun, self-regulating energy consumption throughout the day. Smart materials: Designed materials that have one or more properties that can be significantly changed in a controlled fashion by external stimuli, such as stress, temperature, moisture, pH, electric or magnetic fields.

  • Super-light materials
  • Smart materials
  • Superomniphobic materials
  • Auxetic materials
  • Thermo-bimetals
  • Biopolymers & Bioplastics
  • Polymer Science and Technology

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